Proctored Exams

Some GTCC online courses require online students to complete proctored assessments. This means students will need to complete the assessments in the presence of a proctor, who will verify the students’ identity and monitor the assessment.

Students in the Piedmont Triad region may complete proctored assessments at any campus location. On the Jamestown Campus, no appointment is necessary, but students must begin their test one hour before the Assessment Center closes.  Students must make appointments for proctoring at the Greensboro or High Point campus locations.

Students outside the Triad area or those who cannot conveniently travel to one of GTCC’s campuses may make arrangements with another proctoring site.  GTCC is a member of the National Consortium of College Testing Centers, which provides students a list of participating U.S. and international institutions that offer proctoring services. The consortium’s Web site also provides the contact and fee information for the participating testing centers.

All proctoring arrangements are subject to your instructor’s approval. Appropriate proctoring services include local colleges and universities, and in some instances, public libraries and high schools.  Relatives, clergy, and employers are not acceptable proctors.  Proctors must have a verifiable email address (no hotmail, gmail, yahoo, AOL, etc). If the institution has a test administration fee, or if the proctor requires compensation, the student must cover the cost.

If students choose this type of arrangement, they must complete the proctoring form below and fax or e-mail to the Assessment Center at (336)819-2005 or  This must be completed at least two weeks prior to the desired testing date so that the proctor may be approved and the instructor may get the test or other materials to the proctor in time.

The instructor will communicate with the proctor prior to the assessment to arrange for the assessment to be e-mailed or faxed to the proctor.  If an assessment is administered via computer, the instructor will provide the password or other information to the proctor.

Information for Instructors

Instructors should clearly indicate proctored assessments on the course syllabus along with date ranges for completion of these assessments.  Instructors should refer students to this site or to the Assessment Center for help making proctoring arrangements if students do not plan to complete the assessment at a GTCC location.

For on-campus assessments, instructors should fill out a Faculty Testing Instruction Form and submit it and the assessment to the Assessment Center at least 24 hours before the start of the assessment period.

For off-campus assessments, instructors should e-mail or fax the assessment and instructions to the designated proctor, along with any other information or materials.

Information for Students

Let your instructor know in advance if you need to make arrangements to complete an assessment somewhere other than GTCC.  If a non-GTCC proctor is needed, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements and secure a testing appointment.  Once the student has completed the Request for Proctor Form, and submitted it to the Assessment Center, it will be forwarded on to their instructor and the instructor will then communicate their proctoring and testing instructions to the non-GTCC proctor.  Any fees that are associated with using non-GTCC proctors are the responsibility of the student.

Need help?

Please contact the GTCC Assessment Center at or (336) 334-4822 ext. 50017 or the eDegree Program Coordinator at

Request for Proctor Form(PDF)